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During the lifespan of every garage door opening system, there comes a point when the springs need replacement, either because they've been stretched out past their limit or have snapped. It may be tempting to try and fix the problem yourself, but please resist. We have a team of professionals who would love to spring to your rescue.

Working with garage door spring replacement can be an extremely dangerous process, no matter how much research you've done on the internet. We fully believe you have the head knowledge to do the job, but actually working with springs is entirely different and entirely dangerous if not done with absolute precision. Springs may seem friendly looking, but keep in mind that those little coils are strong enough to open and close the heaviest moving object in your whole house.

What to Look For

Even when using a professional, it is always good to know the basics of what you need and what to look for. For your garage door spring replacement, the essentials for the project will be: two vice grips (at least), professional winding bars (these sound fancy, but at just about any hardware store, they can make these by cutting a rod in half), an adjustable wrench, and a ladder. Other tools that might come in handy are a file (for something a bit stronger than fingernails) and a ruler or tape measure. Take it easy on your repairman by making sure your garage is full of light. We may know what we're doing, but it is still a dangerous process.

Your professional repairman will come equipped with everything they need to get the job done well, including every kind of spring you can imagine. They won't settle for a spring that has an "it'll do" fit. For every garage door, there is a spring with the perfect size and fit, selected according to the garage door's weight and torsion rod size. Perfect balance means perfect function. Nothing short of that will do. Every part of your, from the hinges to the springs, works together as a team to get the job done. When you have the highest quality bits and bobs with the best fit, then you ensure that team will support your door for a long time.

Need help replacing your garage door springs? Contact your local garage expert today to schedule an appointment for your garage door repair estimate.

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